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Tutu helper IOS- Download Tutu helper Free Ios

Tutu Helper IOS: We all love our iPhone. Right? But what if you want to download any particular application on your iPhone, and it’s not free or not available in your app store. what would you do in that situation? In that case, you may install third-party app marketplace, Tutu Helper.

Tutu Helper is such an amazing marketplace where users can find a huge variety of applications without jailbreak. Do you know? You can download games, tweaks and paid apps without jailbreak. Yes! It is possible. A few years ago, Cydia app took place in the industry. In that, you can download any application, games, tweak etc, but you need to jailbreak your device in order to use Cydia. But in this applications,  Tutu Helper IOS you don’t need to jailbreak your IOS device. Don’t you think it’s amazing?  Yes! It is. So now if you want to download or install any hacked games, tweaks or application. You don’t need to jailbreak, All you need to do is download Tutu Helper on your IOS device. Now you will learn how to install Tutu Helper for IOS 10 or tutu helper IOS free download.

How to download tutu helper free ios 10,10.2,10.3,10.3.1, 10.3,2/ Install Tutu Helper on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Tutu Helper IOS


Since now you will download Tutu Helper for IOS 10.  Here you need to follow some basic instructions to download Tutu Helper for IOS 10. It doesn’t matter whether you have iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can download Tutu Helper for IOS any of your IOS devices, all you need is your device should be IOS 10/11.

For example, you want to download Tutu Helper IOS free on your iPhone. You only need to follow these given instructions below.

Install Tutu helper free IOS 10 on iPhone/pad

  1. In order to download Tutu Helper, you need to open your Safari browser.
  2. Now open this link and let the web page open.
  3. Here you will find two options; One is regular and other is VIP.
  4. Now you click on regular as it is Tutu Helper IOS free version.
  5. Once you click on the regular link, you will be redirected to a web page.
  6. Now click on download now button in order to download Tutu Helper IOS free version.
  7. Now a new Window will be open where you will be asked to choose install option.
  8. Click on install.
  9. Now the process is done, now tap on the home screen. You will see Tutu Helper icon here.

Now you have installed Tutu Helper for IOS/tutu helper VIP. Now in order to work your application properly, you need to do a small change in your settings.

As you know, you have installed a third-party application and we should have to trust the enterprise in order to work properly. So to change the settings please follow these instructions. This will help Tutu helper IOS free download on your iPhone.

  • Open settings
  • Now tap on general
  • Now choose a profile and device management
  • Now select the profile “ Tumen anbang paper Co. Ltd”
  • Tap trust “ Tumen anbang paper Co. Ltd”
  • Now select trust again
  • Now you have successfully allowed this application to work

Conclusion: Now you have downloaded the Tutu Helper IOS for your iPhone. Now you may enjoy downloading unlimited applications, tweaks, games and give your iPhone a new life. If you also have an android phone and you are looking for Latest Tutu Helper Apk If you want to download tutu helper android then it is also available on Android now. Tutu app is also available as tutu app for mac So if you want to download, Then please don’t forget to check out this post.

If you still feel any difficulty in downloading or installing Tutu Helper VIP or Tutu helper IOS app, feel free to comment here. We would love to solve your queries.


  1. Is it easy to Delete Tutu Helper from IOS 

Yes, Don’t Worry.  It is quite easy to delete. As it does not break Apple warranty so it is easy to delete as well.

2. Is Tutu App Safe To download on My iPhone? 

Yes, Tutu Helper application does not require any Jailbreak so you can download Tutu Helper application on Your iPhone or IOS device.

3. Can I Download Tutu Helper on my Latest iOS 11?

Absolutely, You can Download Tutu Helper IOS 11 on your iPhone device. You can check the latest version of your IOS in the Search Section.