Tutu Helper Apk Download

Tutu Helper Apk Download- For Android, PC, Mac, iPhone

Are you application lover and having difficulty in downloading apps on your IOS device without jailbreak?  Don’t worry we have come up with a solution for you. We are going to tell you about a fantastic app which will make the most convenient way to download apps. We are going to share about Tutu Helper which is the best new IOS Tutu app installer ever.


Tutu Helper is an application which will allow you to customize your IOS device the way you want without jailbreak. This is called the magical app for IOS. IOS devices are controlled by Apple Inc. So in order to customize your IOS device, you jailbreak your development which is not good and after jailbreak, your iPhone does not work properly. After jailbreak iPhone start creating problems, Many users reported so many problems related to it. So Tutu app helps you to download free paid apps without jailbreak. Isn’t sounds great? Right. So in this article, we will come to know what is Tutu Helper and features of it. We will also share how to download this app, So you can download it without any problems. So let’s dig into the whole thing.

What is Tutu Helper?

tutu helper

Tutu app is a Chinese app which allows you to download or install free paid apps without logging into your Apple ID and jailbreak which keeps your IOS and device safe. If you are an android user than Tutu helper android version is also available which is as safe as IOS version. They have a great app database for IOS users and Android users for free which will save your hard-earned money. When you want to download high definition games, You end up charging a lot of money which you don’t want to give. This app really helps to download all the expensive games for free. We can recommend this app to you if you want all the HD games, Popular applications for free. This one app can save all your money and give your pocket a high relief if you invest a lot in games and applications. This application is good for IOS users, Android Users and for PC and Mac users as well. So let’s know the features of this amazing application now which will help you to understand this application better.

Features of Tutu Helper

tutu helper

  • This magical app doesn’t require jailbreak or root access in order to work. It is the fastest and easiest app installer for your iPhone and Android. It also works without Wi-Fi So you don’t need any internet if you are offline.
  • You can search your favorite apps in Tutu Helper and install them. It’s free on Android and IOS both platform.
  • In order to use Tutu app, you don’t need any technical knowledge. The process is very simple and convenient.
  • If you are a music lover than Tutu Helper Spotify version is available where you can download the premium version for Free.
  • It clears the cache and has data share features in it. You don’t need to log in your Apple ID information in order to download apps and you can download apps at high speed.
  • You will be able to download a number of paid apps for free via Tutu app. Friendly user interface. So I think you got more information related to its features and once you download the app, you will learn each feature of it with the experience. But before downloading this app keep this thing in mind that download Tutu Helper when you don’t want to jailbreak your IOS device. If this is the case then Tutu app is the best option for your IOS device. Now you might be thinking about how to download it. So we will help you here and tell you how to download it.
  • You can install the popular Pokemon Go with the help of how to install Tutu Helper Pokemon Go Version.

    Tutu Helper Android APK for Pc and Android

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to install tutu helper Android APK on mobiles/Tablets/Windows 7/8/10/8.1/XP and On IOS(iPad/iPhone)/Mac.

Note: The Compatible devices are Android mobiles/Tablets/Windows 7/8/10/8.1/XP to download tutu app for Android. 

In order to download tutu app for Android, you need to follow these simple steps.

  • In order to download Tutu Helper APK on your Android device, you need to download the latest version of tutu helper APK from the link given below.
  • Now you need to make some changes in your settings
  • First, go to your settings
  • then click on privacy settings or applications
  • Then find unknown sources
  • tap on it
  • Now go back and click on tutu helper APK icon
  • Now you may be seeing at the bottom of your screen Install button
  • Click on install and run this app
  • Now when the installation is done then click on the icon from your home screen
  • Now you can enjoy the perks of Tutu helper-free version.

Finally, you have installed the tutu app and you will not regret downloading this app we promise. Since you can enjoy all the free games, applications, tweaks for free without jailbreaking your device.


Download Tutu Helper Ios free on Ios 9/ IOS 10.1/IOS 10/ IOS 10.3/IOS 10.2//IOS 10.3.2/IOS 10.3.1/iPad/iPhone

Note : The Compatible devices are iPad/iPhone/iPod for this tutorial.

In order to download Tutu app just follow these instructions. And it’s very simple to download. You may check and follow the instructions in order to download the Tutu Helper app. And after downloading the app all you have to do is just type the desired app you want on your iPhone.

Download Tutu Helper for IOS /iPad/iPhone
This tutorial is Compatible with IOS 9 and Above(IOS 9/ IOS 9.2/IOS 9.1/ IOS 9.2.1/IOS 9.3/IOS 9.3.1/IOS 9.3.2/IOS 10.1/IOS 10/ IOS 10.3/IOS 10.2//IOS 10.3.2/IOS 10.3.1/iPad/iPhone)

Instruction to follow

First of all, I would like to tell you all that Tutu helper is Totally safe.

In order to install tutu app, you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to your Safari Browser
  • Now you may type https://www.tutuapp.vip/ in your address bar
  • Now let the website download in your browser
  • After finishing the download of the website, Tap Regular Free on the top right side of the downloaded website
  • Then Click on download now
  • once you get the pop-up, Click on Install
  • After few seconds the app will be installed.
  • Then Go to your Home Screen
  • Tap on Tutu Helper Icon, You will get a pop-up of “untrusted Enterprise Developer”.
  • Now go to your settings and click on general and then select “profile and management “option
  • Now just look for the option “Tumen Anbang Paper Co. Ltd and click on it. In the next Prompt click on Trust.

Now Just go to your Home Screen and try launching Helper app
This is the complete guide to install Tutu helper for IOS and you can install it on your IOS 9/ IOS 10.1/IOS 10/ IOS 10.3/IOS 10.2//IOS 10.3.2/IOS 10.3.1/iPad/iPhone version.

Download Tutu helper/tutu app on Mac & pc/windows

Click Here To Download Tutu Helper Apk

This tutorial will help you in downloading tutu app for Mac/PC/Windows.

In order to download tutu app for you need to follow these steps carefully.

  • First download Blue Stacks software
  • Then download the latest tutu helper
  • After downloading tutu helper APK
  • Go to blue stacks app
  • Find the Tutu helper icon
  • Now you are good to go

You have successfully installed your favorite application in your default storage section. Now you can enjoy your paid applications and paid games for free on your Mac or PC.

Tutu Helper Q&A

FAQ( Frequently asked questions)

  1. Is tutu app safe to use?

Yes, It is a paid application available for Android, IOS and PC users to download and enjoy the paid apps and games for free.

2. Is tutu app is malware?

No, Tutu app is not at all a malware. It is available in two versions, One is regular and another one is paid. So you can download the tutu app on your Android or IOS and can enjoy hassle-free. Recently Tutu helper IOS 11 version is available which you can download on your IOS device.

3. Can I download the tutu app without jailbreak?

Yes, Absolutely! This application doesn’t require any jailbreak in order to work. So it is completely safe to use on your IOS and Android device.  Tutu App APK V2.4.11{ LATEST} available so if you want to download then you can refer to this version.

4. Can I delete Tutu Helper Easily? 

Yes, As it easy to download. It is very easy to delete if you don’t want to continue with the Tutu Helper app.

Final words

Tutu Helper is such a magical app if you desire to customize your iPhone device. So in case you want to utilize all the amazing features of your IOS phone without jailbreak and want to make your smartphone actually a smartphone than it’s a good alternative for you.

We have shared all the information contained in this app, In case you want More information or you have any questions related to Tutu Helper then you may comment on your queries. Our experts will revert back to you with the answers to your questions.